About the Project
The Silver Valley Park Project

Silver Valley Park has served as a meeting place for children of all ages, parents and seniors for many years, but the equipment has become  dated and requires replacement. We want to take this opportunity  to not only replace old equipment, but to develop a space that can better serve our entire community for years to come.  Our hope is to build a space that is welcoming to people of all ages, that is safely accessible for all, that incorporates aspects of our natural environment to stimulate the love of outdoor play, that is inviting to developing social interaction, and offers opportunity for physical and cognitive development.

Who we are

Our Team

Project Lead: Marny Paul
Design Lead: Natalie Cote
Fundraising and Grants:
Kara Vincent
Community Association Rep: 
Jeff Ball
Marketing and Communications:
Sandra Zarawny and
Amber Fouchard
Community Liason:
Jamie Nielson and Cale Moore



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