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The Playground at 204 Silver Valley Dr. NW is where you, your kids and your grandkids play! The current playground was built in 1991. As new families move into our neighbourhood, and current families expand, it has become clear that this outdated playground is in desperate need of rejuvenation. Our children deserve a place where they can explore, climb, play and just be kids.

The new “Silver Valley Park” will be a place where everyone, young and old, can come together as a community to meet neighbors, be active and, best of all, play! Our goal is to replace the existing and dated playground with one that better suits the needs of this active area. We also hope to add much needed seating for those who want to watch the fun as well as those who’d like to sit in the park and enjoy the surroundings and socialize.

We are soliciting donations and volunteers to help build a new playground within the current footprint. The cost of the overall project is estimated to be close to $250,000 and we hope to build in the Summer of 2022. Together with the SSCA, we are working as a community to raise the capital to make the project a reality. When we are ready to build, we will also be recruiting volunteers to help out on installation day.

Please consider making a personal donation of $25 – $1000 (or more).

If you are interested in volunteering or being added to our Facebook Group which will include upcoming activities and events related to this project please email: marny at silverspringscommunity dot ca